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We have a passion for games, we like to put the focus on the very best games available. That’s because we all only have so many hours in a day to game, so why not spend that precious time playing the most incredible experiences the game industry has to offer.


Our Team
Our team is made up of game journalists who truly love what they do. Many of them come from other gaming websites and were tired of spending time on games that no one really cared about. We foster a different kind of game journalism culture here and give our people a real opportunity to write about the games they truly love.


How We Choose the Best Games
We use an organic process. Our team certainly doesn’t depend on Metacritic and other similar services because those scores are often a reflection of the inherent problems in modern game journalism. We try to play and review as many games as we can, but we won’t stick with a game we don’t enjoy. Our choice of the best games are based on community’s response, so if our articles and videos about a particular game are receiving a lot of attention, then there’s where we’re going to place our emphasis.


Our Content
Our team produces many different kinds of content, including articles, blogs, videos, social media’s contents and even live streams. Our choice of medium is usually a reflection of the game we’re reviewing or the story we’re telling. You’ll often find that we like to mix mediums, such as augmenting an in-depth article review with gameplay videos that highlight our written points.


Make Your Voice Heard
What are the very best games? If you have an opinion, and we’d like to hear it. Your involvement will help us in meeting our audience’s interest. This is a great place to tell us what we’re not covering enough and what we’re covering too much. You may email us at

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