Ape Planet Prison : Free Survival Action Mission

Ape Planet Prison: free survival Action Mission

Play the escape mission of ape for the ultimate survival in free action game.

You are about to play an adventurous & thrilling free action game of ape escape from prison for its ultimate survival. This hero jail escape intense mission is all about fight among ape species VS human that will be vicious prison warden. Its time to think like human nature & use 7 human moves for the prison survival. Be ready for the jail breakout since the apes world is in danger so strike with modern weapons & guns to eradicate the crime mafia lords. In this challenging prison survival game be an ape last commando hero with your elite fighting skills & ninja abilities to escape for ultimate survival. Its time for escape racing of apes from jail for super rescue. The future of apes is in your hand so be an elite war rescuer to escape this city prison in this heroic special operation.

Get ready to experience the action packed mission of jail escape to battle for survival as a true ape hero. The breaking news of the town is that testing facility is going through high level testing on apes to find out what these creatures are. This challenging task wont be easy to handle but with aim & target you will achieve. During the testing the super ape hero has become so intelligent that his ultimate goal is to fight, shoot & strike the vicious enemy gang mafia lords in dangerous jail to escape & be the savior of your apes squad. You are an exceptional elite commando whos the last hope for the survival in this war. These angry ruthless terrorist criminals in prison will make your return to planet difficult & harder but be a stealth ape gun shooter to defeat these evil enemies. Be very conscious & careful since the jail is highly secured with security cameras, guards & wardens. Your actions & moves will be watched at every step as you progress. In this free to play action game target your enemies as an ape commando savior for survival.

Play the best ape prison game in this futuristic city environment. This jail breakout is not an ordinary one you have to escape with elite fighting & shooting skills. The vicious enemies will create destruction & difficulties be a brave war hero to eliminate them. You are the super ape hero savoir & rescuer so escape the jail with power & pride.

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