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Always know that you have the right people rostered: Deputy makes it easy to create balanced, fully costed rosters in minutes, then notify staff when theyre working via SMS, email and push notifications. Deputy will even automatically remind employees of their shifts on the morning of work.

Employees leave requests or unavailability can be managed and approved from a central location, then integrates with your roster so theres no risk of scheduling someone who is not available. Need to be smart about staffing levels? Deputy integrates with your POS and payroll information to make sure youre rostering efficiently, and pulls in real-time weather so you know if you need (or dont need) extra shifts. With GPS validation, employees can clock in and out on their smartphone to quickly track time and attendance (or optionally from a tablet Kiosk, using our inbuilt facial detection technology).

Deputy works with your existing systems: setup is fast and seamless, and we have plug-and-play integration with platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Square, Vend, Kounta and many more. Finalising your timesheets and exporting to payroll can be done with one click from your mobile device.

* Easily create balanced, cost effective rosters in minutes from any device.
* Publish personalised shift information to your team via SMS, email, and push notification.
* Fill open shifts easily by pushing alerts to your team and letting them pick up shifts.
* Approve from your mobile to make sure you have the right people on shift.
* Quickly approve employee Shift Swaps and Shift Drops in seconds straight from a mobile device.
* Manage team communications easily in one place: broadcast announcements, assign tasks to specific individuals / shifts, and get confirmation that your team has seen it.
* Get greater insight and control of your business, and keep yourself compliant with inbuilt * Award Interpretation and record keeping.
* Deputy works with your business: simple integrations with ADP, Square, QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Vend, Revel and more, including many payroll providers. For a full list see

* Get your roster on your device as soon as its published.
* View all your upcoming shifts in one place and get alerts on days when youre due to work.
* Manage your availabilities and time off easily, see whats approved, and make it simple for your manager to know when you are and arent available.
* Clock in and out of work quickly from the app.
* See important company updates, manage your tasks and communicate with your team from your mobile device.

Over 40,000 businesses in 70+ countries trust Deputy for their employee rostering, time and attendance, communication, task management and performance management. Our app is updated regularly to make sure were always providing the best and most flexible features to the businesses we work with. Learn more at

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