Doctor Surgeon: Hospital games

Hippo Doctor likes surgery and to cure animals Her ambulance is always ready for a call, where surgeon or vet are needed. All best games for boys and girls where player could find hospital and veterinary clinic, where you need to save, cure and help, all of them are collected to the series of games Doctor Hippo. A new exciting Surgeon Hippo is created especially for you.

To cure animals is as interesting and exciting as to cure people. Hospital is a big and interesting place. Games about hospital teach us different important knowledge and skills. Our simulator allows to learn how to make vaccination safely, to make operations and save patients, who need urgent and complicated operations. Surgery is a very responsible and complicated task. Surgeon learns in a medical school and works as an intern for a long period of time, before he could make operations. But our veterinary clinic simulator allows to skip many years of studying and try to make vaccinations right now. Try to save patients and make safe operations right now And if you like it, you could go to study in a medical school. And after studying you could cure people in real life

Hippo needs help Without your help, Hippo ambulance cant cure the animals of Hippo town. We need a vet urgently. Be a part of our team, now you are a doctor All games for boys and girls from the series Doctor Surgeon and Hospital of Hippo town are absolutely for free.

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