Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

Hungry Hearts Diner is a game about a small shop at the edge of a
big city. Take on the role of the hard-working old lady struggling to
manage her familys little restaurant—and all by her lonesome, too

Cook tasty meals for a variety of colorful characters, and learn more
about their triumphs and struggles as they chow down on your tasty,
home-cooked food. Rice balls, dumplings, tempura…you can make it all
In fact, the more you cook, the more dishes youll unlock.
And hey, youll even get a chance to learn about good ol fashioned
Japanese cuisine while youre at it Did you know you can make
jelly out of seaweed? Because I didnt

Of course, the people who visit your diner all have a story to tell.
And what makes people more talkative than a full belly?
Feed your customers until they feel like sitting back and spinning
you a yarn or two

But not every story is a happy one, and not every ending
joyous. Stay tuned for some twists and turns

On a tiny side street in a nameless little neighborhood sits an
old Japanese diner. Things are quiet here; old-fashioned
you might say. But of course they are. Its Showa era Japan,
and the television is just starting to come into vogue.

Slide open the screen door and youll see a kindly old lady
hard at work behind the counter. Her husbands been sick
for a while, and shes had to run the place on her own.
Its hard work, but shes a tough one, and she gets by.

Sit down at one of the worn wooden tables, and close your
eyes. Thunk thunk goes the steady beat of a knife chopping
veggies. Hisss; the sound of meat sizzling in a pan.
Swish swish; a whisk beating eggs.
The soothing sounds of a simple kitchen.

Sit here long enough, and all that tension will just flow
right out of you. So come on in, order a hot meal, and take
a load off. The peacell do you good.
So, let me guess. The question youre asking yourself right now
is is this game for me? Well, maybe it is.
-Do you like casual/idle games?
-Do you like games where you run a shop?
-Are you looking for a nice, relaxing story?
-Ever played any of our other games, like Oden Cart or Showa Candy Shop? (If so, thanks a bunch)
-Are you hungry?*
*Warning: This game is not edible. Please dont try to eat your phone.

If you answered Yes to any of the above, well,
maybe this games for you. Give it a download and a shot.
Its free, so it wont cost you a dime
We very much hope it brings you a smile Or perhaps even some tears?

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