Spaghetti Recipes

Spaghetti recipes are a type of Italian pasta made with flour, egg and water that is consumed all over the world. This dish is considered one of the most famous dishes in the Italian cuisine. Thanks to its excellent flavor, its nutritional contribution, its easy cooking and its low cost it is consumed all over the world.

In this application we show you more than 40 recipes of this tasty dish. Thanks to these recipes you could cook the spaghetti in a simple way and step by step. Enjoy all the flavors and do not miss any of the great recipes that we offer you for free

You have available more than 40 elaborations of spaghetti, including process of elaboration, list of ingredients, high definition imagess etc. A list of favorite recipes is offered so you can keep the recipes that you most like and get access to them in a few clicks.

What can you find in this application?
★ Navigate through more than 40 spaghetti recipes explained step by step.
★ Application of spaghetti recipes completely free.
★ Create your own favorite recipe list.
★ Share the application with your family and friends.
★ Blend the ingredients during the processing with a simple click.
★ Completely trarudica application in 5 languages, including English.
★ Free application.
★ Automatically access many more recipe applications.

Some recipes included in the spaghetti recipes application:
★ With cream and mushrooms
★ With vegetables and tomato
★ With vegetables and meat
★ With vegetables and chicken
★ To pesto without pine nuts
★ With thermomix vegetables
★ With tomato and meat
★ With tomato and cheese
★ With vegetables and cream
★ With cream and tomato
★ pesto with bacon
★ with prawns and spinach
★ With cream and cheese
★ To pesto with prawns
★ With tomato and bacon
★ Red pesto
★ With cream and chicken
★ With cream and egg
★ With cream and tuna
★ With cream and bacon
★ With garlic prawns
★ With wok vegetables
★ With tomato and tuna
★ With cream and spinach
★ …

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