Sweet Baby Girl – Daycare 2

Take care of four little beauties Alice, Emma, Laila and Yukiko Bathe, feed and play with girls, create and decorate amazing baby crib, and dress up little girls with amazing clothes from the newest baby clothes collection

Every cute little girl in this game invites kids and toddlers to play baby care, crib decoration and dress up.

12 mini games with kids favorite baby girls will help kids learn to share and take care of others. Perfect game for kids and toddlers who have little sisters or brothers


Baby Care
Sweet baby girl Alice just loves bathing Wash her blond baby hair with kids shampoo, dry with a fluffy towel and calm her skin with baby oil Comb Alices hair and dress her for baby lunch. Mix fruits and make baby food for Alice. Warm up some milk and sing her your favorite lullaby before she goes to sleep

Crib Decoration
Create the most amazing baby bed for Alice Add the cutest curtains, toys and blankets. Little Alice will sleep like a real princess

Dress Up
Sweet baby girl Alice also loves fashion makeovers Play baby stylist and choose from the most adorable baby clothes in 12 categories

Baby Care
Lovely little Emma loves popping soap bubbles Play Mommys little helper and give her a baby bath. When shes fresh and clean, its dinner time Make Emma a healthy baby meal and give her a milk bottle before sleep. Kiss her on a cheek and wish Emma sweet dreams

Crib Decoration
Emma wants to sleep in a super girly bed. Make her dream come true – use your fantasy and create the most girlish baby bed

Dress Up
Match new clothes to Emmas red hair Baby leggings, kids pajamas, t-shirts, socks, hair bands, winter snowsuits, shoes, mittens, hats, baby pacifiers and toddler toys – you will find everything you need to dress Emma in style

Baby Care
Change her diaper and give Laila a fantastic bubble bath When baby bath time is over, make Laila a delicious fruit puree from apples and bananas. If little Laila is still hungry, feed her with warm milk from the bottle. Clean up Laila after she has her baby food and let her take a nice nap in a baby crib

Crib Decoration
Laila just got a brand new baby crib. Decorate it with her favorite toys, choose the cutest blanket, hang lovely crib curtains and add a comfy mattress

Dress Up
Laila is a super fashionable baby. Dress up Laila with your favorite clothes from the newest baby fashion collection that match her thick curly hair

Baby Care
Oh no, little Yukiko is crying Take care of her and make Yukiko happy again Clean up and bathe this sweet baby girl, pop soap bubbles together and cuddle her in a soft towel. Feed her with yummy baby food and wait until she falls asleep in her little cute crib

Crib Decoration
Yukiko wants you to decorate her baby crib. Free your imagination and create the most beautiful baby crib

Dress Up
Choose from dozens of new baby clothes, shoes and accessories, dress up sweet toddler Yukiko and create her a perfect new style

– Take care of 4 different baby girls: Alice, Emma, Laila and Yukiko
– Dress up girls with clothes from the newest baby fashion collection
– Learn to bathe, dress up, feed and put the baby into your decorated bed
– Restart the game and spend daycare time with your favorite sweet baby girl everyday
– Let your kids and toddlers learn about personal hygiene and taking care of others
– Easy gameplay even for the smallest kids and toddlers

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