Toy Egg Surprise Claw Machine

Want to busy your children with fun free games for kids? Want them to experience a virtual festivity of Easter you did in your time? Wan them to appreciate the thrill of toy surprise toy eggs? Get your child a toy surprise egg toy egg from crane grabbing claw machine game.
Download this fun free game for kids if you cant access a surprise egg vending machine or claw machine anywhere near, it will keep your child surprised and distracted with their toy eggs while winning extra prizes to keep them happy, for a new toy egg surprise and achievement on each level.
Even if you want a break you can download this claw machine surprise egg fun free game for kids. Even you as an adult can play with the crane claw machine toy egg surprise for a surprise and gain the prize of resting
Claw machine surprise egg is a fun free game for kids with a surprise egg as a reward you give yourself from crane of claw machine game vending machine. Grab an egg from the claw machine game vending machine then drag it out of the machine, tap and pop it open to get a superhero or cartoon toy egg
There are many surprise toys in these surprise eggs of claw machine game vending machine. Drag you crane of the vending machine to the position of surprise egg the drop the crane to grab surprise egg. Open surprise egg to find surprise inside the surprise egg and collect superhero and cartoon toys.
If your kids love superhero cartoons then this game is a perfect surprise for them
Grab one surprise egg with 1 coin
There are 40 + superhero and cartoon toys to collect
Unlock each level to grab new superhero and cartoon surprise toy eggs from claw machine
8 multiple levels
How to play:

-Drag the coin to the vending machine and drop it in the vending machine
– Grab your favourite superhero and cartoon toy egg from the crane of claw machine game vending machine by using controls on screen
– Collect egg from vending machine
– Tap on the egg to open the wrapping cover
– Then tap on the surprise egg to get egg capsule
– And then finally tap on the capsule to get your claw machine surprise egg egg surprise
– You can grab many toys and surprise eggs and increase your levels by collecting them. –
– When you achieve and increase one level, new surprise egg toys will get unlocked. –
– Collect them all to get all egg surprise toys for free.

The toys include many famous cartoons and superheroes for kids. The collection has many of the childrens favourite characters from cartoons, movies, games and comics like superheroes, funny characters and even princesses.

Pop the eggs by tapping on them for a new surprise and new gift. With Easter on its way, every day will be a fun surprise and the days to celebrate the joy of Easter Enjoy popping your refreshing surprise egg toy grabbing from crane of claw machine game vending machine.

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