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Dangerous Professions In The United States

Each and every job has its benefits and its down side. Some jobs are boring and safe whereas others are thrilling and quite dangerous. There are many reported cases of people dying while working some jobs. Though most of these jobs are thrilling, they are very risky as one is not assured of his or her safety. Before you take on any career path, ensure that you look into all the aspects of the career and weigh the benefits against the dangers. This article seeks to educate the reader on some professions that are considered to be the most dangerous in the United States currently.

One such career is that of fishers. If fishing is the career path you choose, you will have to be out on the water during all weather conditions or risk not having food on your table at the end of the day. Fishing during extreme weather conditions is very risky as there are a lot of reported cases of people drowning because of being at sea at the wrong time. The equipment used by fishers also poses a great risk for them as it is very heavy. Though being at sea can be fun and exciting, you need to weigh the benefits of choosing this path against the risks.

The second profession we will look at is that of oil rig drillers. This profession is very dangerous as the materials they are dealing with are highly combustible. Oil rig drillers also handle very heavy equipment which can be life threatening if not handled in the right way. Many oil rigs are usually offshore, which means that medical help is hard to reach in case of accidents, thereby adding on to the risk of this particular job.

Thirdly, roofers also face a lot of danger while on the job. Since they primarily work on the roof, there is always a risk of falling from the top or the roof collapsing.

Logging workers are also faced with a high risk of injury or death as they work. Studies show that this sector has reported the highest number of injuries and death. This profession is dangerous because of the equipment that is used and also because loggers climb trees often. The risk of death in this sector is great because logging is mostly done in remote areas, very far from medical help.

Piloting is also on our list of most dangerous professions in the United States. Being a pilot is not an easy task, which is why there are a lot of cases of pilots having mental heath issues such as anxiety. It is important that you get the right training before you take on any of these jobs.