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Four People in Federal Prison Due to Fraud Scheme

Counterfeit passports and identity theft, the two other crimes needed to pull of this even bigger crime is a rising problem all over the world and not just in the US. It is suggested that countries enact all necessary procedures in order to hopefully get rid of this plaguing issue for good. Counterfeit or forged passports are used to make fake bank accounts to pull off banking frauds, on the worst case scenario, these fake passports can also be used to smuggle weapons and other goods from other countries.

What is known as a white collar job, bank fraud is the use of illegal means to get assets, property, or money owned or held by financial institutions, obtaining money from a depositor while pretending to be a financial institution or a bank is also bank fraud.

In recent news, 4 Nigerian men who are residing in the US have admitted to be part of a big-time bank and passport fraud scheme in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts. The biggest question is: How in the whole universe did they plan on conning over 1.2million dollars?

The four men have already admitted that they have defraud different banking institutions in Rhode Island and Massachusetts by altering passed checks.

Fake Checks
The altered checks were then deposited into fake bank accounts opened through the use of counterfeit passpots from Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. They immediately withdrew the money from their fake accounts once the checks were cleared, this was to avoid suspicion and detection.

They have been found to have stolen about 1.2 million dollars worth of fake checks and wire transfers by means of purchases and ATM withdrawals. This is a jaw dropping amount of money, stolen by four men through fraud schemes. They have all pleaded guilty to the crime as well as their use of fake passports and forged credentials. Two of the men have already been deported and sent back to Nigeria, but the other half of the gang were left to stay and pay the institutions back the money they have stolen.

Immigrant Screening

If only the government made use of immigrant screening methods, inquiring them with regards as to why they came to the US, crimes such as these would be driven down. If border and immigration patrols conduct integrity testing on the individuals whom their job training deem suspicious.

Documents may be stolen and credentials forged. But the true identity of a person can never be changed.That’s a simple fact that will stay true for all time. And that’s why liars can easily be spotted in less than a few minutes with techniques such as eyedetect.

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