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How to Reduce Global Warming

Global warming is the drastic increase in the temperature on the earth surface. This is attributed to increase in the carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere. Global warming has an adverse effect on the existence of life within the earth globe. It results to gradual disappearance of some living things in the earth. The increase in temperature results to burning of the earth’s ozone layer which reduces the direct effect of the sun radiations to the earth crust. Global warming is a worldwide concern to the future of the life within the earth. This effect which is also known as the greenhouse effect is brought about by a number of factors which are mostly man-made. For instance, the uncontrolled harmful gases in the industries which are emitted the atmosphere. Others include the exhaust gases from vehicles and other automotive machine which burn fuel in the production of energy. Practices of man such as burning of charcoal which bring about clearing of forests also play role in the environmental degradation. The global warming effects can be fixed such that they are reduced at a higher rate. This article outlines some of the ways in which global warming can be reduced.

Making use of alternative sources of energy which is renewable. Most of the global warming is as a result of gases from energy generating vessels such as generator. When an alternative source is devised such solar power which utilizes energy from the sun, then it means that the effect is going to gradually decrease. Other sources of environmentally friendly energy sources include the wind power. This is because it utilizes the motion of wind hence it does not produce the byproducts to the atmosphere.
Make use of energy efficient appliances in homes and towns. This ensures that, less energy is needed to run the appliances. For instance, using the energy saver bulbs which needs only low energy to be used. This appliances can be designed such that the can use as low energy as possible so as to minimize the energy use at homes.

Minimizing the water wastage in our homes and in the industries. This is because a lot of energy is required to generate water. This means that if the available water is utilized fully, then it will be enough and there is no need to generate more. Moreover, having some dams constructed on the arid and the semi-arid regions to catch up the running water to make it available during the dry season is another alternative.
Encouraging afforestation in the area where there is no tree. This is because; during the day the trees use the carbon (IV) oxide during the process of photosynthesis. As a result, the harmful gas is removed from the atmosphere hence reducing the global warming effect. It also acts as wind breakers and also leads to those areas receiving the relief rainfall.
Proper disposal of waste from industries. This can be initiated if we involve companies in planning in minimizing these effects. This is because most of the global warming is caused due to uncontrolled disposal of wastes from industries. The industries should thus treat their gases before they can emit it to the atmosphere.

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